Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, April 05, 2019

Dave shared…

The thing I got this morning when I was considering what the Lord would have for us today to pray about is receiving. How to receive. We all have needs. Our loved ones have needs. You’re here because you believe in your heart that you can get those needs met. There’s hope in your hearts. You’re here because you believe in prayer. You’re ahead of the game. You, at least, have your eyes looking to heaven to receive.

Then there are those who don’t even know how to look to heaven. The Lord uses us, a lot of times, to help them. In our prayers. And those prayers are those prayers that we use that Paul in the New Testament admonishes us pray for those people. That they would come into the knowledge of the truth, and they themselves would reach for those things that are necessary for their lives.

For God is real. But in this world, day after day, we see if you watch the news, you would think that God is not real. But if you’re one of those who looks to heaven, you will see those things that God has promised us.

But what I’m trying to say is just to open up and say that there are things that we can do to get more of that, to get it more consistently in our lives. It’s not God withholding from us or you getting to a place where… Okay, let’s say you have a financial need. You need a thousand dollars by the end of the week to make a payment. Well, for that particular thousand dollars that cost you a hour’s worth of prayer. So you had to pray for an hour and then when you get to that hour, BING. The door magically opens up and BOOM, that grace is manifested in your life. None of that is real. If we in our lives think that way, that’s part of the reason why we don’t see it manifest as often as we like. That’s one of the greatest hindrances to receiving. I like seeing you here. I like people who have faith enough to pray or believe that God could reward those who diligently seek Him. Because the Bible does talk about that He does reward those who diligently seek Him.

But that diligently seeking Him has nothing to do with an hour to get a thousand dollars. It has to do with you orienting your heart toward Him and looking to heaven in expectation of His grace to be made manifest in your life. I could put it to you in layman’s terms and say it this way. If you’re attentive to what God is doing and you understand His grace and what He’s provided for us, then you’re more likely to receive that abundance of grace. Because grace is like the sun in the morning when it comes up. When the sun comes up, we all know the sun is going to come up. But there are days in Minnesota, you know there could be a day when you never see the sun. It could be weeks before you see the sun. You know it’s out there but it’s not being made manifest. It’s like we have an assurance that, that sun is coming up every day even though we don’t see it. Just like we believe we have a brain but we don’t see it. Nobody here has ever seen their brain. Yet, we surely believe that we do have brains. Yet, we have this confidence that we do and occasionally it manifests. For some of us more than others. Joking.

But the point I’m trying to make is that as we look to heaven, like the sun or like our brains, we have a confidence that those things exist. So is the way we receive from the grace of God. The challenge is in the world that we live in, where is our focus? Is our focus on the bill that needs to be paid? Or the grace that needs to be manifest? You see what I’m saying? A lot of times our lives are filled with the idea because it’s almost like we don’t really have a choice. It’s like “in our face” every single day.

How many have a bill on auto pay and you don’t even think about it. For some reason, that card expires. How many knows they will call you for that money. They call you and call you and call you. I got one going on right now. I get a call at least 3 or 4 times a day. It’s not a matter of me not paying it. It’s the card that expired so now I have to find time in my schedule to go and make that adjustment, give them a new number and then forget about it again. But that’s the way it is in the world that we live. The challenges of life are like that unpaid auto-bill. Where it is faithful to call you, faithful to be in your face every single day. That is like a symptom in your body. If any of you have had a repetitive illness, that’s kind of like that situation. So it conditions you to focus on it rather than focus on God.

The world will condition you to focus on the things that are going to hold you up, keep your prayers from being answered, keep you from entering into that place of grace where you’re happy and victorious. All of us have the capacity to walk in the fullness of God’s grace where His power is made manifest every hour of every day. Where you’re full of joy unspeakable and full of glory, that joy that the scripture tells us about. That overcoming spirit. But if you spent any time on this planet, we have that “nagging” thing. And it has nothing to do with God. It has to do with the world’s system. But we’re not of this world and we’re not of this system. We have to interact with this system, but we don’t have to be part of this system. We don’t have to get up to the news and say, “It looks like the big crash is coming. Ohhh, the statistics say this and the leading economist says that…” blah, blah, blah. You want to look at it. It’s going to keep nagging you. It will instill fear in your heart. You’ll do funky things with your money like burying money in jars. You can live in that world and try to receive something of God in that world. I emphasize the word “try.”

But it’s been my experience that any time I’ve ever had a manifestation of grace that it’s always been in a place where I have been less of me and more of Him. Where you can run through situations where it could just literally rip the hide off your flesh, where you’re so vexed with something that you can’t even think straight. The scripture talks about having faith but saying not enough faith. Let’s put it this way. The scripture indicates to us that there are times when we can have faith, belief, and have unbelief at the same time. This belief and unbelief at the same time. We can be in a place where we can have belief consistently. And that has to do with “letting go and letting God.” That’s the hardest thing as a human being you’ll ever face. Letting go and letting God. In prayer, that is one of the hardest things to do, because you can pray in the Holy Ghost and get a victory and pray through to the other side and you know God’s doing something, right? You walk out of here prayed up and ready to go. You’re stoked and you know it’s going to happen. You go and two or three days later, you’re back to where you were at.

God doesn’t like us to ride that roller coaster. He wants us to stay in the victory, consistently ride that ride. Get in the back seat and let Him drive. Right? We just need to get in that back seat. That’s the key for us. Learning how to stay in the back seat and letting Him drive us. Because it’s in that place where we consistently flow in the grace necessary. I can’t tell you how many times where I’ve been in situations where personally I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I’ve learned over time that just because you don’t know what you’re going to do, that doesn’t nullify God’s grace. The Bible says that while we were faithless, He remained faithful. Does that indicate that the whole thing depended on you? No. That indicates that “I got your back! Stay in the back seat and let Me do what I need to do and I guarantee you that if you just stay in the back seat and connect with Me, I’ll keep you in perfect peace.” Where you have a confidence when you wake up in the morning that everything is going to be okay. Even though you have that 20 things that are knocking on your door.

Several years ago, we had a financial situation where bill collectors were calling all the time. Letters in the mail box, looking for the one that wasn’t a bill. With no hope in sight. The Holy Ghost driving you through that, telling you, “I’ve got this. Not only do I got this, you’re going to come over the top and everything is going to be fine.” That’s what the Holy Spirit is going to say to you. But the world will say, “You’re nuts. You need to get some therapy. This is not rational thought.” That’s what the opposition is going to say to your face. But it’s important for us to look at Him in terms of… because I see a lot of people in prayer… and I’ve done this. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. You come to the throne of grace and the most important thing in your mind is the thing that gives you struggle or pause. And, by the way, there is nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel bad about feeling this way. You’re human. But God’s grace is more than that for you. He’s able to reach down to you when you’re not making it and prove to you that He is who He says He is and He’ll do what He says He’ll do. It’s not just Him being capable but Him manifesting that capability. That’s the key. Because it doesn’t matter to me if I know God can do everything. What can You do for me? Because I need that child saved or I need that bill taken care of. I need these challenges taken care of because I can’t do it myself.

I’ll go one step further. He doesn’t want you taking care of them yourself. He’s not interested in you making a living for you. If the truth be made known, He’s not concerned about you taking care of yourself. He’s concerned about Him taking care of you. He will lead you and guide you and direct you and tell you to take that job or do this or that, invest here, whatever. But that’s Him telling you this. When He does that, it’s going to require faith for you to believe for that. Whatever God asks you to do… and here is the key. I’ve learned over the years is that God will never lead you into a place where you won’t have to believe Him. That’s unscriptural. But the Bible also says that He both gives us the will and the ability to do of His good pleasure. He says I’m going to require of your faith; however, I’ve got grace. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. So He’s referring to I’m looking to you and I know you can but I got problems. I’ve got limitations. I can’t see it the way You see it. I don’t understand it the way You understand it. And that’s a perfectly good prayer to pray over yourself. “Lord, what I don’t know, show me. Help me understand.”

And by the way, understanding everything is highly overrated. You do not need to know most of what you think you need to know. First of all, you have no capacity to change the situation, so you knowing is just going to torment you. God’s got the capacity to change it. When you need to have your authority exercised, the Holy Spirit is able to give you that ability to destroy the enemy with the words of your mouth. But that doesn’t come by you. That comes by Him. He’s the one that girds you up and gives you that anointing, that allows you to speak and destroy the works of the enemy. It’s not you. Yes, you’re in agreement with Him. But it’s His anointing that destroys the work of the enemy. That’s why it’s important for us to be with Him in communion. He gives us the ability to step out and do these things. You can have a situation where you’ve been working on and all of a sudden, today the Holy Ghost says, “Okay, today we’re doing something different.” He can gird you up and you start speaking out and start destroying things. But it’s Him. It’s not you beating the air. “Devil, will you please get out of here? You know, I’ve got that authority.” The Holy Ghost gets ahold of you and says, “You tell that devil, you got to get out of here now.” Your tone changes. And it’s no longer, “Can you go?” That’s a different position. It’s a position of authority. The Holy Ghost gives you that place. When you see Him as He is, then you become like Him. And He is all powerful, almighty. He’s all sufficient. You’re not thinking of getting by. You’re thinking about going over and above and beyond. You’re not thinking, “Can I pay this bill?” You’re thinking about having no bills. That’s the distinction and it all comes down to understanding your limitations and focusing on His ability. You may be limited, but you’re not alone. And prayer does work. And God is real. And no matter what circumstances may tell you, physical ailment challenges, financial, whatever it is, that don’t matter. He has the ability to overcome it all. Through you.

I’ll stop with this. I was in prayer years ago and having physical challenges. The Holy Ghost spoke to me and it changed me. He said, “I’ve done it before and I could do it again through you.” That’s what He told me. Anything you face, He’s done it before. And He can do it again… through you. And you just need to understand that. And the Holy Spirit understands that limit you have and He will overcome that limit if we just give Him the opportunity to come and sit with Him in that time of weakness. And everybody has that weakness.

Weakness is actually a positive thing. It’s not a negative thing. Because a weakness will reveal to you that you’re incapable of doing that which is before you. The problem is, is when you think you got to figure it out. And you go it alone. You might have some success at some point, but sooner or later, you’re going to come to that insurmountable wall. And when you get there, if it’s all about you, well, good luck with that. We don’t have to think of it that way. The Bible says that it’s His goodness that leads us to repentance. And in our weakness, His strength is made perfect. Weakness is like a magnet to God’s grace. You can use that weakness to climb to that place of grace. Some of the most profound prayer that has ever been prayed is, “Lord, help.” That seems like a weak prayer, but it’s not. In that prayer is humility. It’s recognizing His ability and those two things are very important in receiving from God’s grace. They’re prerequisites to receiving God’s grace. So next time you feel weak, get a smile. Because when you feel empty or feel like you’re limited, know this. There is grace for that time. There is grace for your weakness. All you have to do is take your eyes off the circumstances and come to Him. We just need to orient ourselves properly. That’s most of it. If you have a challenge, don’t give up. God is more than enough to overcome anything that you have. Anything!


Thank You for Your grace today… open our eyes so we can grasp and walk with You… that we can see You as You are… confident that this too shall pass… the challenges of life shall pass… because He is faithful… You’re not willing that any should perish… You came to give abundant life… and victory… grace to stand in the midst of adversity and to recognize You as all sufficiency … as those thing mount effort toward us to keep us from peace… we recognize You are where our help comes from… Your Word tells us to lean now to our own understanding but to acknowledge You in all our ways… You will direct our paths… You lead and guide into all truth… You will bring me to the place where I am over and above… there is grace for every sickness… financial situations to be turned around… we go over the top… we can walk in light and know where our help comes from… we thank You daily… we recognize You for who You are… the healer… the peace giver… we take no thought for tomorrow… we don’t worry about tomorrow… today is the day when we overcome…

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