Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Brother DJ…

Thank You, Father, we worship You, Lord, thank You, Jesus
Lord, You are holy and we lift You up and magnify Your name
You are worthy and we praise Your name
This is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it
You are great, Lord! There is no one else like You
You are the God of miracles
You are doing miracles today

Ms. Cindy…

We glorify Your name over all situations, Father
Over all stress, sickness, and infirmity – You are the God of miracles
And You do miracles so great – we magnify Your name
Thank You Holy Spirit for all Your works and fulfilling Your works through us
The goodness of Your good pleasure and the work of faith with power!
Holy Spirit, we welcome You here this morning and for working in us right now
Causing us to will and do of Your good pleasure
Yielding ourselves to Your direction, yielding ourselves to Your council
We are here to minister to You, we are here to pray out from the overflow of Your presence
Lord, we are here to speak and to go
Thank You, Lord! We glorify You now, in every situation—that’s why we are here
We are a living epistle to be written by You and be read by all men
That we would bring forth Your glory and the knowledge of that glory
Your glory sets people free, sets them free to be who You have created them to be
And we are going out into the highways and the byways and shining
We are shinning because it comes from this place, this place of abiding in You and receiving
Just like a sponge receives water, we purpose to immerse ourselves in Your presence
That we would be saturated, carrying You and overflowing in the things that You have for us today, Father, we will take Your presence out and minister in the ability that You supply – in great grace
The river of God that flows through us, it’s effortless, coming from this place of abiding
“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”
And we become One with You, filled and overflowing, speaking Your words, not ours
Words in season, for the purpose of bringing people to saving knowledge
Filling them with the knowledge of Who You are in them that they might just be abiding with much fruit on Your vine too
Thank You, Lord, thank You, Jesus
For Your goodness and Your mercy – we thank You, Lord
For Your overwhelming plan and purpose for us
For this whole earth to be filled with the glory, the knowledge of your glory as the waters cover the sea
Thank You, Lord, for that is our calling

DJ prayed…

Father, You said “When you don’t know what to pray, pray in the Holy Ghost”
Holy Spirit, You search the hearts and know what is the mind of the Spirit, because You make intercession for the saints according to the will of God
We are praying in the Spirit at all times; building ourselves up
Praying mysteries according to the will of God!
We are offering them up right now – perfect prayers
We know the plans that You have for this country are good!
So, Father, we pray for the United States of America and our President
Father, give him godly wisdom from above that he would depend on You in every decision working effectually
Guide His hands and lead Him, give Him a knowing in his heart

Thank You, Father, for every single one in the White House that is lifting their hearts to You on behalf of the President
Thank You for surrounding him with such great cloud of witnesses
That he would be strengthened in what he knows and confirmations in the way he goes according to Your plan
His ears are open to hear You, his eyes are open to see You and what You are doing
The joyful witness that he knows that he is going in Your way!
For the way of the world holds no sway over him but he is marching to his orders from on high
And there is a reward there, Father, Your presence is His great and exceeding reward!
He goes with You! His footsteps are ordered! There is a skip in his step because of the power that is coming from on high and it’s a Spirit of might and it’s causing him to get to where he needs to go!
Thank You, Father, that he is being directed by your Spirit!
Keep going! Keep going!
And we declare “All things are working together for Your plan concerning our nation”
No weapon formed against this land shall prosper but every tongue that shall rise up against it shall be shone to be in the wrong
I thank You, Father, for silencing the chatter against righteousness and peace in the land
We say “Peace be still in Jesus’ name” and “Come to your senses!”
For God the creator of heaven and earth is living in the midst of America in Jesus’ name
Thank You for signs and wonders and indelible proofs being confirmed in the name of Jesus
Let the name of Jesus be upon the tongues and lips of everyone in our government
And let those signs be on fully on display, Father!
People coming to their sense, realizing light, truth in every corner and vignette of this nation
Because You, Father, have Your appointed people in their places and occupying their stations fully with the authority that has been given them. Hallelujah!
Bring forth the divine councils and the excellence of those councils
Show! That’s the show! We are calling for that to come forth!
And You have Your people who are cooperating with You in these areas!
More and more and more they are being multiplied, Father!
We are thanking You for that multiplication!
They are rising up and there is a divine shift! Turning! Because of the great cloud of witnesses!
And the voice of God is being declared from Washington!
All lying lips must be silenced in the name of Jesus!
We are surrounding Washington DC in the blood of Jesus! Life! Life! Life!
And mercy and truth prevail and we are witnessing with that blood right now!
Confirming that as we are overcoming as a nation through that blood of the Lamb and our testifying of it!
I thank You, Father, for the joy that is coming in the morning! For the Daystar dawning on the hearts of every American citizen bringing them into the knowledge, the realization of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior!
Heaven, heaven, heaven, lifting up our eyes to heaven where our help comes from
Our eyes are not on these circumstances, we are looking to You, Jesus!
You are the author and the finisher of our faith – we hear Your voice and therein is our confidence that we know we have these things that we are asking because they are by the Spirit and we use our mouth to speak them forth
It’s the utterance, the divine speaking forth and You said that’s when great happenings are brought forth Great happenings in America in Jesus’ name

Brother DJ…

Thank You for Your hedge of protection on this country
We plead and apply the blood of Jesus Christ over the boarder of Mexico and Canada
All the shoreline from sea to sea, we cover in the blood of Jesus
Every plane coming in and every plane going out, we plead the blood of Jesus Christ
We cancel every plan of the wicked one against this USA in the name of Jesus
Thank You, Father, we give You all the praise, glory, and honor
So, Father, we lift up the Church of Jesus Christ
Thank You for all the pastors that You would strengthen
You are calling people back into the church that have left
For the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church

Ms. Cindy…

We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but do against those principalities, those powers, those rulers of the darkness of this world, the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies
Those are the ones we wrestle against and their gates shall not prevail
They are not able to hold in those people that sit and walk in darkness
Not when the Church is going out and kicking down some gates!
We command light to shine in every dark avenue, every dark arena of this country in the name of Jesus because there is a holy indignation that is rising up in the body of Christ where we realize our authority, we realize who lives in us and that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church
So, wherever we go, we influence!
Wherever we go, we shine light!
And wherever we go people come to their senses!
And they loose their very selves from the bondage that they have been held in henceforth from doing God’s will which is what they were created to do
Their callings are calling!
Even in the darkest places they are having unrest – they are dissatisfied!
They are coming to a place where they can receive the Word that would get in them, be engrafted and save their soul
We lift up the heartbeat of our Father, the salvation of souls
You said that we are wise if we win souls, if we go out there and preach the Gospel
I thank You, Father, for an awareness, a stirring up of the Church of the living God to go out and shine and to do good and to bring forth salvation knowledge, the Gospel
Let them know they have an assured welcome, that their sins are not being held against them because Jesus came to not condemn but to set free
That nothing would hinder or be stumbling block to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and Him crucified
Salvation has come to America in Jesus’ name

Brother DJ shared…

I wanted to share something concerning the Kingdom of God within us. We were visiting Cindy’s family up north. This particular week her family was getting together from all over. We were just enjoying having fun and eating but we started noticing that the people that were showing up were hurting from injuries, sickness, and disease. You know, we come here every day and we are praying and we know how to connect in our hearts in prayer, it’s a lifestyle, natural. So, when we were there in my heart suddenly the song came “Healing is Here.” I am sure you have heard that song “Healing is here, sickness can’t stay any longer…” When I heard that in my heart I thought, “You know what, we are going to pray.” So, first we prayed for the food and then I talked with Cindy and we are going to pray. I went outside for a few minutes and got in my van and I asked God, “Lord, we are going to pray. You better show up!” We are going to pray for healing because these people are sick. I prayed a couple minutes outside and then came back. So we started praying for one after the other. We were getting ready to leave so we walked from one side to the end and started praying and laying hands on them and the anointing started to increase and we kept moving and moving from the next person to the next person. And we had a wonderful testimony from somebody later on. But it’s not about us. What I am saying is the kingdom of God is within us. We can pray anywhere, anytime, and it doesn’t have to be planned. You just pray it and it is working really good.

Ms. Cindy…

You know we could be at my parent’s house and not have an unction to do anything; it’s by the direction of the Spirit and that’s where our confidence comes from. You have boldness because the love of God is in you, you have a relationship with God and He is just like “You know what? Healing is here.” And you’re like “Okay.” And you just get excited because it doesn’t matter what it looks like. You know the anointing is present to heal. And it’s always good to pray. We are called to walk with God and wherever you are in that walk… You might be “I don’t know? Did I hear from God?” If you don’t know, just do it. What is it going to harm? You are just practicing His presence because the more you do it, it’s multiplied back to you and you become really, really used to hearing the leading of His Spirit when you just step out.

Brother DJ…

I am a real estate broker and Cindy went with me a couple months ago to a closing. It just happens to be two are better than one. I have been doing closings for years but this particular time she came with me and it came up “Hey, we are going to pray.” We are in the room with the other broker, the seller, the title company people and we just start praying. That was the first time. Well a couple weeks ago I was at another closing and this time the other guy was from India and he wanted to give the keys to his daughter. It was a religious thing to do. So, he started doing that and they all started questioning what religion each other was. He said “I am a Hindu” and the others said this or that. They came around to asking me “What do you believe?” Because I am from India people think I am probably Hindu or whatever. Well, I had just come from Morning Prayer so I am all prayed up. I answered them, “I will tell you in a few minutes.” After we finished the business I said “Well, let’s do it.” They said “What?” I said “Pray.” It happened that the seller was a Jew from Israel and the realtor on the other side was a Jew. And when we started praying in Jesus’ name an anointing came. Everybody started praying. The Hindu started praying with us. One thing the realtor said, “I’ve been doing this real estate for 28 years and I have never seen such a thing.” I said “What thing?” He said “Nobody had prayed for 28 years in a closing.”

I believe that prayer is the one thing that changes every atmosphere. Wherever you are and whatever the situation is, it just becomes peaceful and joyful.

DJ prayed…

Father, we thank You and continue to lift You up
Jesus, You are the God that heals
You came that we would have life and life abundantly
We pray for every man, every woman, every boy, and every girl in the name of Jesus
That everything that the body of Christ prospers
We are like a tree planted by the rivers of living water whose leaf does not whither
Why? The Lord is our Sheppard – we shall not want
We bind every attack of the enemy against the people who come in and out of our church
We cover the cars in the blood of Jesus and declare there will be no accident and no harm to the people
Father, open the door for job opportunities for people looking for jobs
We declare our church members to be 100% employed in Jesus’ name
Your Word says goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our life, not sickness, disease, poverty and lack! Because we dwell in the secret place of the Most High God
Wherever we go, the kingdom of God is within us
We have the power of the Holy Spirit
You said “You shall receive power when the Holy Ghost has come upon You!”
And He is in us, hallelujah!
You bless our bread and our water and take sickness and disease away from the midst of us!
We declare we are sickness and disease free! Cancer free! Arthritis free! Diabetes free in the name of Jesus
We cover our pastors in the precious blood of Jesus and declare them prosperous and in good health as their souls prosper today
No evil, no plague, no disease, no accidents come near our church
Thank You, Father, that You command Your angels concerning us
For increasing our church members in everything – exceeding abundantly
We are blessed coming in and blessed coming out, everything we do prospers
Declaring “We have the mind of Christ!”
Thank You, Father, for love, power, and soundness of mind

Cindy prayed…

Opening up those gate of the minds, no longer closed down but receiving the Word in gladness
And receiving love in the light where no darkness can abide
But God commended His love toward us that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died
Living waters washing Your bride that You might present her to Yourself without spot or wrinkle
Oh, thank You for the discerning of the body of Christ
That we would come together and proclaim the wonderful works of God
Come together in the unity of faith
Being knitted together in love where every joint supplies
That there would be no lack in Your body – for You care for Your body
You supply all our needs, You fulfill all our desires because they come from You
And we thank You that we have all the supply we need to walk out those desires
For there is a readiness in our hearts to desire, because we know it’s coming from You!
So, we launch out, we launch out from that place knowing, and maybe not really understanding, but knowing!
Now to Him who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us
Oh, the faith of the Son of God is at work within us! And You are able to do superabundantly, far over and above all that we could dare ask or think!
It’s not according to our understanding that You overwhelm us with Your goodness in the area of provision – thank You!
Every single detail for today that this ministry needs to fulfill Your call for it, – we just touch it and call it done today in Jesus’ name
There is no lack at Living Word Christian Center
And we live every day abiding in You and receiving the supply and provision for every day
We call it already met in Jesus’ name
And we thank You that we have opportunities to launch out, to demonstrate our TRUST in You
You are the One Who created all of heaven and earth – We magnify You as the Creator of all things!
You are the One that set the stars in the sky, You are the One who created everything!
And You uphold and maintain it by the Word of Your power!
Father, if You stepped away for one moment, it all would cease to exist – You are in it all!
And we are thanking You that You are well able to accomplish that for which we put forth our TRUST in You to do
And it is only because You are at work in us, it’s a work of the Spirit!
Praise Your precious name forever more!
You work in us not just to will, but to do
And so we thank You, Father, that it is by Your grace that we even have our next breath
We can do nothing apart from You, but we are confident in what You can do through us
Because we hear and heed Your voice, and the voice of the enemy we don’t hear


We were just talking yesterday about communion and how when you feel like you are a little confused, just take communion. That’s the perfect fellowship with Your Father where you hear His voice so clearly. And it’s almost like a reset or a course correction. You go into His presence when you partake of the body and blood of Christ. The veil to the Holy of Holies represents the body of Christ. It was rent in two which means there is no longer any separation between you and your Father. And you just go in and you receive from His presence. You get saturated and then you say “Oh yeah, I remember who I am because My Father and I are having a conversation.” And all the other voices cannot find a place in His presence.” And now you are back on track in Jesus’ name.

Brother DJ Shared…

You know I came from India years ago not knowing about God or looking for Him or anything. But the circumstances changed in my life back 30 years ago. There was a young man working with me. His name was Erik Hanson. He saw me in my miserable life and thought “I am going to take this man to church.” He asked me and I didn’t go but he was persistent. Finally I said “Okay, pick me up.” He took me to this small church in an office building and when I walked in, there was a pastor who walked toward me. He was wearing a white shirt with a tie and he was so shinny. He had the glory on him and I got scared. He came and hugged me and said “Welcome!” So, I sat down and Erik was in the worship team which I didn’t even know what that was. Well, they started singing and I started to feel better and the peace came that day that never left. The song was “Change my heart oh God, Make it ever true. Change my heart oh God, May I be like You” And the more they sang, the more I got the joy and the peace. And do you know what, he knew my name. He called me by my name.

He changes the hearts, He picks people out
Father, I thank You that You are calling many more like me
Let Your hand come upon someone today like you brought me out of darkness, You will bring them out of the darkness into the light and You are going to change their heart
They are going to sing that song “Change my heart, oh Lord!”
You are the God that healeth – Yes, I have seen the healings!
We ask You that in our church people would come in one way and then they leave healed and delivered and go out a whole other way!
We release the healing power of Christ in Your house, Father
The Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings
Even in this Chapel, oh Lord!
Yes, this house is a house of prayer!
If My people called by My name will pray!
Humble and turn away from their wicked ways and pray, You will… You are healing this land
The peace that passes all understanding

Cindy prayed…

We expect in every service people are getting healed
For every one that sits in darkness, we ask You, Holy Spirit, to draw them to the Jesus
Jesus is the only way to the Father
Thank You, Father, You know every one that is appointed to this place
It has pleased You that You would plant them here
If there not here, Father, we are asking for laborers to go forth
Laborers to get them where they need to be – here where they can be fed, where they can grow up and be equipped so they too can go out
Laboring in whatever field or arena that they are gifted
We are taking up the mandate to go and be an influence for good in the world
And we thank You, Lord, for the house of the Lord!
They were glad when they said “Let us go to the house of the Lord where we can come together!
In the early church they met daily in the Doctrine of the Apostles, fellowship, in breaking break and prayer!
Thank You for that church model!
That we do have a home to come to, a family to fellowship with, to break our break!
To give out what the Lord has given us and share it with others that are of like precious faith
That we would come to see a great understanding of what You are doing
Because it takes the whole body! We thank You for Your Church!
We raise up Your good idea in Brooklyn Center MN – Living Word Christian Center
And we are thankful, we are grateful!
And each one of us that is called to this place is making our supply where it pleases You
And there is joy and fulfillment and there is so much supply there!
Thank You, Lord, we glorify You
More, more, more, Father! We thank You for a bigger body
More people making more supply and more people going out!
Lord, it’s like a supply house and it’s a place where they can come and get built up and then go out
Thank You for all the provision, that our budget is met and exceeded
For the vision coming into a greater manifestation
We are going forward, we are not stopping
And we receive more! We lift our cup and receive more every day for an overflowing abundance
It’s the work of faith with power and You fulfill it – thank You

Singing in the Spirit…

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father
We praise You for this day – this is the day You have made
We will rejoice and be glad in it, we will do everything that You have called us to do
Thank You, Father, that You will use us today for Your own glory
For Your Kingdom, for Your purpose
How God anointed us with the Holy Ghost and power that we can go outside and do good!
Thank You for this day and we bless Your name
We pray for everyone that is here – give them wisdom, direction, understanding
That the Spirit of the Lord would rest upon us, Lord
We give You the glory and honor and praise in the name of Jesus

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