Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, September 3, 2020

Pastor Ray…

Good morning. I saw this yesterday from Charles Spurgeon. He did a message on July 17, 1859. He’s been called one of the greatest preachers of all time. His message was the story of God’s mighty acts. And he declared how the miracles of divine intervention in the past have the power to shape the present. So this is a quote from him.

When people hear about what God used to do, one of the things they say is: “Oh, that was a very long while ago.”

Have you ever heard someone say that? Have you ever thought that?

I thought it was God that did it. Has God changed? Is he not an immutable God, the same yesterday, today and forever? Does not that furnish an argument to prove that what God has done at one time he can do at another? Nay, I think I may push it a little further, and say what he has done once, is a prophecy of what he intends to do again.

I love that! That would be a good tweet, wouldn’t it? What He has done once, it’s a prophecy of what He intends to do again. Whatever He has already done is to be looked upon as a precedent. Whatever it was.

“Yeah, but that was like 50 years ago.” Yeah but He hasn’t changed. He ends it with this.

Let us with earnestness seek that God would restore to us the faith of the men of old, that we may richly enjoy his grace as in the days of old.

That’s kind of a quote of Hebrews 13:8. I like the way the Passion translates that. It says, “Jesus the anointed one is always the same yesterday, today, and forever.” In the Aramaic, it is translated as “Jesus the Messiah is the fulfillment of yesterday, today, and forever.” That’s it! He’s the fulfillment. He did it. It’s done. Hallelujah!

Last night, Pastor Lynne started out saying that the beginning of September she will begin praying for the elections. Are they important? Yes. They’re critical. Lynne was making the points about praying for godly leaders. When she said that, I got a picture. It was the ungodly leaders. We’re praying for godly leaders or a godly nation. This is the way I saw this picture. It just flashed in me. There was a house of cards. That was the ungodly house. They had no foundation. They weren’t founded on the Word. They were not founded spiritually speaking. Just naturally. And a lot of their house of cards was built on lies, deception, the Devil’s plans. That kind of thing. Even a lot of times, they don’t even know it. Have you ever been deceived and didn’t know you were? There was this house of cards and if you’ve ever tried to build one, in the natural, you start out with a couple of cards and then build it up. I’ll go over the different points to pray about the election. What I saw was when the pray-ers started praying together in one accord all over the nation… if you watched last night, there was a picture of the United States. You can move your mouse and find out how many people have signed up to pray from whatever state they’re in.

We’re in Minnesota, but Minnesota is really going for it as far as prayer. Minnesota is not one of the swing states. But it’s swinging! Ha, ha, ha. Okay, we’re in Minnesota and we say Minnesota is swinging more to the right which is God’s perfect will. And we’re standing on the soil of Minnesota declaring it will be so.

When the pray-ers started to pray, one of the bottom cards just started to move. And then BLAM! BOOM! Down it goes. But there is a building being built up through the prayers of the saints. And that is being build on the Word of God, the blood of Jesus, the plan and purpose of God. And it’s not going to be pulled down. It’s not coming down. But it’s rising up and that’s the church rising up, getting in one accord, calling things that are not as thought they were. And knowing that He did it before, He’ll do it again.

It’s hard to believe it’s already four years since the last election. But we definitely stood on the Word and kept praying before that election. We took over the Wednesday evening services and just kept calling things that are not as though they were and Minnesota was right on the edge. But guess what? We’re going over… this year! In Jesus’ name. This is not a political meeting, but in a way it is.

There are plans that we know anything about… plans that our leaders have… that our President has. We can go back and see all that he has done. What he said he would do and what he did. And we know there has been many, many things changed as a result. And it benefits the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Israel is blessed with the embassy being moved to Jerusalem. Lots of Presidents said we’re going to do that. But then they became President and didn’t do it. We’re doing what we did then, but I believe it’s even more critical now. It was critical back them but it’s even more so now. Keep moving from one degree of glory to the next. We’re not going down. The Church is not shrinking. Because of Covid, it shrunk some but it’s turning around. Things are changing. Things are beginning to be rearranged and we’re coming up. We say it like we’ve already come out of that which tried to come against us. We know where it came from. The Devil, our enemy. And he’s already been defeated. We look at it like it’s “back there.” We have to do that. We’re not open to fear. I take authority over fear in Jesus’ name. Fear of the future. Fear about how it will be. We unmask that thing… we declare that we’re opening and opening and opening and reopening and reopening. And the Church is on the increase and the momentum is back. We’re in the land of more than enough than we were before. But guess what? We’re not done. Why? Because there is more. There is still more. And we have a call. We were put here for a purpose. How did we ever get to be born in the United States. And born at the time we were born? For a purpose and a plan in Jesus’ name. So His kingdom will be manifested. We can’t make ourselves get into heaven. He did that for us. He made a way where there was no way. And it’s up to us to bring the kingdom of God here on this earth as it is in heaven. And know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever and ever. I love that word from Charles Spurgeon. What He did is a prophecy to us today. He’ll keep on doing it over and over and over. Maybe it was healing. Well, if He did it then, He will do it now. His Word is true. Maybe it’s finances. Whatever it is. It’s done. Finished.

All the glory and honor and praise, we give it to You in these days, Lord.

Annie led group in worship…

The miracles of the past are like a prophetic utterance from God of what we can expect and believe for.

When you said July of 1859, I saw it in a picture, our nation was at a place in 1859 real similar to today. And God did a great miracle then. In 1859, there was rioting and bloodshed going on as a precursor to the civil war. People were fighting and killing each other already over abolition, slavery. And the root of that… obviously there was an economic root to slavery but really slavery in the United States was different than anywhere else in history because of the racial element of it. So it had to do with racism too. It wasn’t just about slavery. It was also racism. Just like now. People were attacking abolitionists and killing them. There was also bloodshed going on, on the other side. But it looked so impossible and hopeless. Just like it looks now in the natural. How can people who are so on the opposite ends of everything ever come together? That’s been the cry of my heart as I pray over our nation. We need the people of God to be running our government, that we may live in quietness and peace. And, yet, we need more than anything the hearts of people to come together under Jesus’ righteousness. Because racism is a grievous sin to God. And hatred and division is a sin to God. And violence and murder and rioting is a sin to God. And, oh God that You would take the hearts of the people of this nation by Your hand and open their eyes of their minds to see great things in Your law. We declare Jesus is Lord over the United States of America!

Back to Charles Spurgeon where he said that about the miracles of the past are a prophetic utterance of what God will do… He did a mighty miracle even though the war broke out right after that, the miracle was that slavery was abolished in the United States! It’s easy to look at all the failures of the last 100 something years and not look at the mighty deliverance that God brought in response to the cries of His people in 1959, 1860, 1861. That God did a mighty miracle in that time and He can do it again, no matter how it looks.

Father, we believe in Your miracles. You are the God of miracles and we believe for miracle healing in our land that people will stop seeing each other according to this physical house they live in. But they will see each other after the spirit, that You have made them in Your image. And we see each other though the eyes of Your Holy Spirit, Lord.

Open the eyes of this people, Lord… for a great spiritual awakening… awakening unto God… awakening unto righteousness and holiness… awakening unto truth… thy Word is truth… we exalt You, Lord… You are mighty… You did it before and You can do it again… Your great destiny for this nation… a shining city on a hill… showing the world what healing from racial division and strife looks like… Jesus, we worship You…

Annie led group in worship…

Pastor Ray…

You know how 2nd Chronicles 7, you’re familiar with that. I love how it starts out. “When Solomon had finished praying…” That means there was some praying going on, lifting their voices. “then the fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the house.” I’m looking and expecting it. It was so much back then that “The priests could not enter the house of the Lord, because the glory of the Lord had filled the Lord’s house.” How did that look? Wow! Hallelujah, we’re looking for Your presence, Lord. For the great manifestation of your supernatural holy manifested presence in the house of the Lord. Churches. Buildings. Places of worship filled with His presence and glory.

Verse 14 says, “If My people…” That’s us. This is a principle for us. “If My people who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” There’s a healing going on in Jesus’ name. Ohhh! Glory to God! “My ears will be opened and my ears attentive to prayers offered in this place!” Hallelujah!

Verse 16 says, “For I have chosen and sanctified (set apart for holy use) this house, that My Name may be here forever, and My eyes and My heart will be here perpetually.” This chapel is a house of prayer. This ministry was founded as a house of prayer. We need so much more manifestation of the presence and glory of God. We’re reminding You, Lord, of what You’ve done. Just in this ministry… many of us that have been here for years and years, we have experienced different degrees of the glory of God that changed everything. It changed our services… the people. We were changed because of the manifestation of the glory of God. Many, many people could not wait to get into church to see what the spirit of the living God would do next. What would break out… what would be changed. Healing and finances turned around. We declare jobs today. New jobs in Jesus’ name. If you’re looking for a job, we get in agreement with you for a supernatural given God ordained new job. A better job. A greater job. An increase. In Jesus’ name.

This morning when I was getting ready, I had the TV on and all of a sudden, it caught my attention because this lady was on the news from Minneapolis. She had a beauty salon that was burned down in the riots. She said that many politicians came after that all happened and they promised, “We’re going to help you rebuild.” But they didn’t. She heard nothing from them. That was months ago. So the interviewer said, “What is your address at your beauty salon?” She said what it was, West Broadway, Minneapolis. She said, “Mr. President, would you drive on by such and such address? And bring your checkbook.” She said it in such a sweet, sweet way. I believe she’s going to get it. Help is on the way. Let’s just pray in tongues for a little but now.

Group praying in tongues…

We prepare the way for God to move however He sees fit. On behalf of the people of God… keys, keys, supernatural Holy Spirit, God ordained new ways… we declare these things shall come to pass… preparation … new times… we declare encouragement… I declare encouragement to that lady on West Broadway in Minneapolis in Jesus’ name… be encouraged… know from where your help comes from… heaven’s ways … 2020 is not done… it’s not over… You did it then, You’ll do it again… things are not staying the way they are… things are turning around… changing… rearranged… stay steady… strong… determined… fixed on the Word… give and it shall be given unto you and me… where depression has tried to knock on your door, we say “can’t come in.” … I saw it like a rug outside your door. Instead of what it should say, it said depression. Take that thing and throw it away. For depression has no way to get in when we are covered by the blood. We plead the blood… let’s sing about the blood…

Annie led group to sing…

Pastor Ray…

There are four points that Pastor Lynne put forth last night. I’m sure you know about the website the election. But here are some prayer points. Number one is the divine plan and for God’s purpose for America that it will be fulfilled and God will give us godly leaders. 1st Tim. 2:1–4; Pro. 29:2; 2nd Chron. 7:14.

The second point is that truth will be revealed and all evil schemes will be thwarted, destroyed and revealed. Luke 12:2 –3; Isa. 54:17; Ps. 91.

The third point is that righteousness will prevail in the 12 swing states and they will elect godly leaders. These are the twelve states that are known as swing states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Swinging in the right way and electing godly leaders.

The fourth point is that the Lord will navigate the hearts of the leaders. In other words, that He will direct the leaders to His purpose and plans for America. Pro. 21:1.

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