Morning Prayer for Friday, August 05, 2016

Pastor Ray opened in prayer and then shared…

I wanted to go over the prophecy brother Copeland gave on July 9 of this year about change. We read it one time in July but I wanted to go over it again so we remember some things the Lord said through him about the times that we’re in and the elections.

Word through Kenneth Copeland
Saturday, July 9, 2016
Southwest Believers Convention

Great Change

Change. Great Change. In some areas, monumental change is coming to North America. Not just the United States. Monumental change in Mexico. Great outpouring of My Spirit and My glory. Great change in Canada and in the Northern Territories—all the way as far north as you can go. Marvelous and wonderful changes among the people. Marvelous and wonderful, miraculous changes in the mechanical structure of this planet. Changes that so many have been concerned about for so long. I have heard the prayers. I have not paid any attention to the voice of the politicians, because they don’t know what they are talking about in most cases, but, I’ve have heard the honest, heart-felt prayers of My people and I am fixing it, saith the Lord. I am fixing this. Rest in Me and you will see it come to pass.

The Elections

Well, what about the elections in 2016? And what about 2017? Pray. Hold fast before Me. Great changes are coming in the United States. For again, I have heard the prayers of My people. And, I am moving now, healing this land, saith the Lord. Things are changing. Some things are going to happen between now and election time. Pay attention. Pay attention to the Spirit. Pray in the Spirit. Hold fast to the truth—not the news broadcast. I said change is coming. I am not talking about just the natural flow of things. There are going to be changes in political parties. There are going to be changes here and changes there and nothing is like it looks now. The Awakening is here. It is here. It isn’t coming. It is here. The more you pray, the more it will increase. I am not done with the United States. This is My country. I built it. I bought and paid for it. It is Mine.

From Brother Copeland

I am going to tell you something that was brought to my attention a number of years ago. It has impacted me greatly and it just rose up on the inside of me again. Some very close friends of ours had a visitation of the Lord. They wrote and told us about it. The Lord said to them, “The United States is the only nation in history that was founded by a people who love Me for the purpose of worshiping Me. I created the nation of Israel because I love them. The United States was created by people that love Me and I will never forget it, saith the Lord.” He is at work. This place belongs to Him. It was given to Him by people that came to worship Him.

The Political Conventions

This change is coming. Not any of it is going to be like it looks right now. There is going to be change between now and the political conventions. There is going to be things that will happen in those conventions that you haven’t even thought of yet. Both of them.

The Best of Times—The Worst of Times

These are the best of times and the worst of times. Those of you, My people, that will harken unto Me and follow My lead, you can walk right now—not later—now in the most prosperous time you have ever known in your life. It is only going to get better and better and better and better and better and better. For those who are not listening to Me and refuse to listen to Me and go on their own way, regardless what happens to the nation’s economy—for them It’s going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. More is coming that is disastrous. It is coming. But you pray in the Spirit. As you pray and believe God—as you walk by faith, it will go over you. It will go around you. It may brush you a little bit, but you just brush it off and continue to move right on.

Stay in the Love of God

But, be very aware to stay in the Word, stay on the Word, walk by faith. And whatever you do, stay in the love of God. For therein lies your miracles, your deliverance and your prosperity is in My love. That is the only reason you got saved is because I love you. That is the only reason you got healed is because I love you. That’s the only reason you prosper is because I love you. That is the only reason you have anything is because I love you. I created heaven because I love you. I created the goodness of this earth because I love you, saith the Lord. So walk in My love. Share My love. Do not allow strife of any kind to get in your house. It is the most dangerous serpent that you could possibly have anything to do with. Keep him out of your house.

Serve Me With Joyfulness

Serve Me, saith the Lord, with joyfulness and gladness of heart for the abundance of all things and you will walk free from the curse of the law, saith the Lord.

The Angels

There is excitement among the angels. The angels get excited when they have the opportunity to work and stand strong for their Creator. But they can only do what you and I will release our faith for. Stay on the faith side. Stay on the God side. Stay on the love side of everything. And rejoice because all of heaven is in a stir. All the angels rejoice at the salvation of one person. We have been keeping them up twenty-four hours a day. There are more people getting saved everyday now than they had in whole centuries in time past. So, rejoice again, again I say rejoice, for God is still on the throne and prayer still changes things.

[end of prophecy]

Pastor Ray continues to share…

We’ve been called by the Spirit of God to join ourselves together and we have this opportunity that we can come and be in His presence here daily, to join ourselves together and lift up our voices in one accord and pray out His will and plans. What a privilege and also a responsibility! We have this fresh word that tells us to keep ourselves free of all the strife of the world. Not to get our information off the news media but stay tuned into the Holy Ghost. How do we do that? By praying in the Holy Ghost. These are new days. They are new opportunities to declare and use the authority that’s been granted to us. We call forth things that be not as though they are. We loose the ministering spirits and let them go to work.


Angels, go forth… As far as finances go individually and corporately together in this church, we loose you ministering spirits… go forth and get the money, the finances, the resources necessary for each of us to do what we’ve been called to do… and what we’ve been called together to do … Unifying us, the authority that is within us as a body

Jerre prayed, shared, and led in worship…

The Lord spoke to me today and talked about the destination. When I wrote it down in my prayer journal, the word destination became destiny. He reminded me that our first destination, or our first destiny, is to know Him. And all other things are born out of that. He was telling me about how people would seek their destiny so hard pressed toward their destiny and lose sight of their first destiny, their first destination.


Father, we come to you today and we proclaim that You are our destination. The destiny for this nation and all its facets need to be born in You. First and foremost. Revival unto You, Lord. A turning of the eyes and a turning of the hearts of man to you. You are our destiny, Lord. You are the destiny of this nation. You are the destination of every soul. So we come with that truth and we come to Your throne and we worship only You. You alone. For You are worthy and glorious.

Father, we know that nothing will work unless You lead the way. So we come today to lift up the name of Jesus, the name above all names. We lift up the name of Jesus in our nation. By faith, we declare that every eye will see the name of Jesus lifted high. Because You promised that if we lift up the name of Jesus it will draw all men. So I thank You for that drawing power.

♪ Breathe on me, God… have Your way, holy, Holy Spirit… Change us from within and let Your fire burn … breathe on us, holy, Holy Spirit of God… breathe on our land… breathe on our souls… pour out Your Spirit and breathe on our land… turn the hearts of kings… all those in authority, O God, breathe on them… open the eyes, Father, the ears of people in our land ♪

Father, we know that the scepter of Your kingdom is the scepter of righteousness. We know that You are the spirit of truth and so we’re asking You for righteousness and truth to come to the forefront again. Righteousness and truth…

Group begins to sing in the Spirit…

Pastor Folu began to sing about the name of Jesus…

♪ The name is a strong tower… The name is a fortress… The name is a shield … By that name we run true… By that name we leap over a wall… That name alone has caused us to triumph… That name makes us every we go… It’s in the name… there’s power in the name… there’s glory in the name… we stand by that name… we stand in that name… we have strength in the name… it’s the name of Jesus… He did not say I have given you a blood above every blood. He said I have given you a name above every other name. The power is in the name. the name of Jesus! The name of the king of kings, and lord of lords. It’s Jesus. His name is a river. We draw water out of that river. We draw life and strength out of that river. The name of Jesus. When we look on the earth, that name is supreme. When we look on the earth, that name is supreme. When we look in the heavens, that name is supreme. We’ve been given a name above every other name… He has authority on earth. He has authority under the earth… He has authority in heaven… it’s that name of Jesus… Jesus of Nazareth. It’s by faith in that name that makes this man stand whole before you… then it said in the word, Jesus Christ makes you every whit whole… ♪

In that name, we are authorized by that name. the power of attorney is in that name. The victory is in that name. Deliverance is in that name. Strength is in that name. If it was in Buddha, we would be calling upon Buddha. If it was in Mohamed, we would be calling upon Mohamed. But Mohamed can’t raise the dead. Buddha can’t raise the dead. It’s Jesus that raises the dead. Hallelujah! Salvation doesn’t come by Buddha. Salvation doesn’t come by Mohamed. Salvation doesn’t come by Hari Krishna. Salvation comes by Jesus Christ!

Pastor Ray…

When we seek the Lord, we are seeking our destiny. This whole prayer was a demonstration of that. As the different things that came up, they were all in seeking after Him. It was a demonstration for the body of Christ to seek Him and all those things are added unto us. They’re all in Him.

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