Prayer Summary for Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Thank You, Father, for the presence of Your Holy Spirit
We welcome You, Holy Spirit
Humbly coming before You
Trusting You in leading us into all truth
Pleading the blood for protection and direction
Healed, cleansed, and prosperous in every way
Thank You for it in Jesus’ name

The following excerpt is from Take It… It’s Yours, Seizing Your Spiritual Dominion by Lester Sumrall:

Throughout history every outstanding man and woman of God has been a person of prayer. Prayer is one of the Christian disciple’s most powerful weapons. In prayer, the believer receives the infilling of divine energy. After Jesus had prayed and fasted for forty days, He victoriously defeated Satan single-handedly in the greatest spiritual struggle ever recorded.

The prayer closet is actually the council chamber where divine commands are issued. In order to possess great dominion, you must constantly return to the Master to receive instructions from Him. The prayer closet is the heart-study place. This is not where the mind learns, it’s where the heart becomes instructive. In prayer we learn about God, His blessings, and His anointings.

Jesus told Peter, “Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 16: 17). We learn more in an hour of devotion and prayer than in many hours of searching libraries and seeking out man’s wisdom. Divine revelation is brought into focus in the prayer closet. You won’t find it anywhere else. Prayer is the key that unlocks the treasures of God.

Elijah demonstrated the dominion of prayer when he called upon God to send rain upon the land. The New Testament points out that Elijah was a man like we are. The difference is, he knew how to pray. The early Church prayed, and the place where they were assembled together was shaken. (See Acts 4:3l.)

Paul and Silas prayed and sang songs in the inner cell of a Philippian jail at midnight. The strength of their prayer shook the jail itself and resulted in the salvation of the jailer. (See Acts 16:25–34.)

The act of praying generates Omnipotence. Prayer gives the frail human reed unshakable strength.

If you do not know how to pray, you do not know the power of God. Prayer is the most talked about, discussed, and the least used power available to mankind.

Oil, undiscovered, is an untapped resource. Coal, not mined, is an untapped source of power. But the greatest source of untapped power and resource is prayer. All that prayer can do has never yet been defined. This tremendous source of power has never been fully researched or developed.

In his article, “Man the Unknown” published in Reader’s Digest, Dr. Alexis Carrel said: “As a physician, I have seen men, after all other therapy had failed, lifted out of disease and melancholy by the serene effort of prayer. It is the only power in the world that seems to overcome the so-called ‘laws of nature.'”

Through personal communication with the Creator, you can do things you could never do before. Pray without ceasing, and you will know dominion in your life. Continual communion with the Commander assures victory.

God’s commandments have always been: Go. Do. Give. Work.

By using the pertinent weapons of dominion, any believer can be a triumphant Christian. Therefore, I urge you to stand up, use the instrument God has given you, and have dominion with Christ. Be an overcomer and a blesser of mankind all the days of your life.

Pastor Ray shared…

These are God’s commands: go, do, give, and work. Not in our own strength, of course, but He has given us dominion here on this earth by the anointing that is within each one of us individually and corporately, together. He has called us together. He has called us to be joined up with other believers, to lift up His words, His plans, the things that He is calling for the Church in these days. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Let’s remind ourselves again of what we were speaking about yesterday. When Brother Reinhard, during the last week’s meetings, was taking to us about those little pieces of fish and bread where the disciples were given to feed the masses, 20,000 people, that by faith they had to believe and just act it out. In other words, like Lester Sumrall said in this little book, he said “go, do, give.”

Keeping the flow, keeping the plans that God has given each one of us
Telling us how to go and where to go
Watching over the steps we have already taken, taking a little picture of what we have done or where we have come from
But always calling for the blood out front, praying for the covering of the blood out ahead into the places we have been called to and that we will walk out into
Unknown territories, plans, and purposes that we don’t know about yet
But taking those little pieces by faith, words that we have heard, direction that we have realized in our hearts and keeping our hearts tuned in to the Holy Ghost within
He is leading us, guiding us into all truth

Ms. Annie led us in singing “We Magnify You”

Continued praying…

Thank You for Your precious blood
Active and working for each one of us as Your children
We overcome by and through the blood and we testify about it
Not just a testimony but a testifying
Continued words declaring “We overcome by the blood”
We overcome by the blood but “We will overcome by the blood!”
Thank You for the overcoming power of the blood

Pastor Ray shared…

I just keep hearing this in my spirit that a lifeline getting us to the right place at the right time. If the boat started to go down, you would throw out that life saver. It’s a life saver, it’s a line of life and we have the blood, we have overcome, we have a life line and it does get us where we need to go and we do arrive on time. Hallelujah!

It’s not a plane flight, it’s not a train flight, a car or a bus but it’s the life of the blood for us and it is assuring us even in the things we do not know here this day, Tuesday, things that will come, the steps we are to take and where we are to be at the right time. Hallelujah! We rejoice in the blood. We are thankful for the blood. We overcome by the blood because You overcame by the blood, we rejoice in the Cross, in what was done at that Cross, the blood that was shed for the lost. Hallelujah! We overcome, we overcame, You overcame so that we could overcome. The Church is filled with overcomers overcoming by the blood! And in the place of prayer, the position connecting to heaven, we know in our hearts that we’ve overcome. We receive full assurance based on what the Word says but just by the Spirit, the Spirit revealing it to us. We overcome, we overcome, we’ve overcome. Hallelujah. It’s the Master Plan.

Continued praying…

The main way, steps and plans
Getting us always to where we need to be
Thank You for Your boundless Love, heaven’s love from above

For a moment I want you to agree with me. This just came up in my heart. I was reminded of it, a call that I received yesterday from a born again, Spirit-filled believer that had received victory over the enemy in an attack on his body. And he had been walking it out, he had been declaring it out, he had been speaking out and in agreement with what the word had said and he had seen absolute changes internally. But he called yesterday and the doctor said he had a different report. So I wanted to just agree for this person just for a few minutes and take that blood, the overcoming power of the blood, declare it over him. God knows who they are, I don’t need to bring his name up.

We lift this person up today and apply the blood of the Lamb for what the Word has said, for what the Word continues to say, for the power of the blood over them, for this report to turn around in Jesus’ name. That it would be Your report. I pray over his mind in Jesus’ name, that his heart would rule his thoughts today reminding him that he has overcome by the blood of the Lamb, reminding him what the Word has said, calling the things that are not as though they were, victory, victory, victory, victory. Thank You that by the stripes that Jesus took upon His back we were all healed and made whole. We are healthy. This person that called is healthy. They are prosperous spirit, soul and body. Hallelujah! Thank You for the rule of the Word, the truth of the Word, the overcoming power of the blood. We declare it. We set ourselves in agreement for that to be so in Jesus’ name. Thank You for it, Father. Thank You for the turnaround, for the shift, for the change in Jesus’ name. I command it and declare it to be so. It is so! For the Word has said it is so. The Word is true. We overcome and we’ve overcome.

Continued praying…

Thank You, father, for the revelation of Your Spirit
Not in our own strength do we overcome but we overcome by that blood
There is power in the place of prayer and that power comes from our connection to heaven by the blood that was shed and in the name that is above every other name
Lifting up that name this morning!
Get all glory, honor, and praise today for who You are and what You did by the blood that was shed
All power and the authority is in the name JESUS!—be glorified and magnified
Taking authority over any kind of attempt for the enemy to bring about defeat in Jesus’ name
No we are not open to any form, any touch, any kind of defeat!
We are not defeated, we are OVERCOMERS!
We overcome, we overcame, we will continually overcome!
Thank You for those shifts, some are paradigm shifts
Seeing things the way You see them, saying things the way You said them
I thank You, Father, for revelation knowledge and for the ministry of Your Holy Spirit
Holy dreams and visions for what we have been called to do
Spirit of seeing and knowing operating in each one of us and through us
We have by Your Spirit a word in season, out of season, in EVERY SEASON!
Not in our past times, past days, but in these days NOW!
Every moving closer to You—opening our hearts for more and more of You
Thank You for all of the new!
We have never been called to be status quo—always press on ahead
Pressing into the things even that we do not know, but we know YOU!
We know You guide us and we know You lead us, You’ve led us
Thank You for clear hearts right now, hearts that hear
We do it for others
We pray over the church for open hearts
Hearts knowing, not to miss one detail, one part of the steps the Church has been called to
The time is up, the day has come, the hour is here for the Church to rise up!
Take Your place in this nation and worldwide in every nation
Jesus is Lord—we declare it, we believe it! Hallelujah!

Ms. Annie led us singing “He Is Lord”

Continued praying…

Heavenly Father, we repent for times when we have let something else enter and in a way be more glorified or lifted or looked upon than Your name, the authority that is in Your name.
I thank You for the power that is in that precious holy name today
For each one of us individually, that Jesus’ is Lord over us, Lord in us, and Lord through us
That we would be a reflection of who You are in and through us
Holy Spirit, I thank You this morning for an absolute refreshing by Your Spirit in us

Maybe someone even right here, in this chapel, is tired from a war of attrition, just on and on and on but we can say today, Jesus’ is Lord over everything, over us individually and corporately and receive the power of the Holy Spirit to be refreshed today, to step up and step out into victorious ways, overcoming through the power of that blood and the name that is over every other name.

Giving off every care which He said we should do, give it to Him
We take no care, no fear, no anxiety, no doubts but we take You, Lord
We receive more and more and more of Your presence in our lives.
Praying for Living Word Christian Center
Pleading the blood over the specific, fine-tuned vision You have for this ministry
To walk out, carry out on this earth
Blood covering over Pastor Mac and Pastor Lynne
Praying in advance for the weekend services with Pastor Lynne
Supernatural utterance by the power of Your Spirit
Divine strength and revelation in Jesus’ name
Praying over the position Pastor Mac has been placed in on this earth here in this church
Father, we thank You for the power of the blood covering there
Declaring they prosper in everything they set their hands to
Their bodies are absolutely strengthened today

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