Friday, November 14, 2014


Thank You, Father, for Your unfailing love, Your unyielding love
Every morning, Your mercies are new
Every single day when we wake up, You’re there waiting for us
When we sleep, You watch over us
Wherever we go, You’re there with us
You gave Your angels charge over us
They surround us and prepare the way for us
They’re there to minister to us, for us
We thank You for that
We thank You for the Holy Spirit and His ever present help in time of need
Thank You, Father, that we have nothing to worry about
We receive of Your bounty, of Your table, Your presence
Thank You for the anointing that destroys every yoke of bondage and removes every burden
This is the place where You speak to Your people
Thank You for Your peace that passes understanding
It goes beyond what we know in this life
Thank You for Your power and your anointing that breaks the yoke, the chains that hold us to this earth
Thank You that you free our minds so that each sees You as You are
To become like You
That we might be able to receive an abundance of grace in this time and hour
That we might be able to walk before You reflecting Your glory
May Your name be known throughout the earth
When all hell is breaking loose against everybody, we can stand in victory
We are with You and You are with us
We stand in the name of Jesus and receive that grace
Holding fast to the confidence that You are with us
The angels surround us and protect us
We have no fear in Jesus’ name

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